Stranger Things

Growing up, I used to have crazy, irrational fears. Maybe it was the era I grew up in, but I was afraid of volcanoes, the Hulk, King Kong, killer bees, quicksand, and the list goes on...

 Seriously, how many of you were afraid of quicksand?! I totally blame Gilligan's Island on that one! I would have dreams that either King Kong or the Hulk, depending on the night, was going through my neighborhood looking for us. I think the fear of volcanoes came from watching Mount St. Helens erupt. Somehow that smoke was going to make it from Washington state to Peoria, Illinois!

Before you think I've lost my mind, I did a little poll on Facebook, asking my friends about the fears they had growing up. Y'all are just as crazy as me! Here are a handful of my friends' childhood fears to make you chuckle!

  • The child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang -Heidi; me too! (I never saw the end because he scared me so badly!)
  • Bridges -Louise; (yes! The one in Tampa scarred me for life!)
  • Dinosaurs -Christy
  • Bats -Dara
  • Willy Wonka -all of us!
  • The Thriller music video -Sarah
  • Spiders -Darla
  • High diving board -Darla
  • The clown on Poltergeist--or all clowns in general! -Michelle
  • Being stuck in a car in the water -Shirley
  • Mr. Abel's paddle! -Vince; (we were all afraid of him!)
  • Mrs. Butterworth -Adriana; (I don't even know what to say about this one!)
  • Santa -Cloris & Sharon (Cue screaming kids on his lap at the department store!)
  • Wizard of Oz & flying monkeys -Annie; (Another show I didn't finish because of those monkeys)
  • Guillotines -Laura
  • "Falling and catching my eyelid on a nail and stretching it" -Marla; (WHAT, Marla?? I need more details.)
  • End times -Heidi; (same here, Heidi. Those movies in high school messed me up!)

Hopefully this compilation made you laugh today. With Halloween right around the corner, it seemed like perfect timing. 

Things sure have changed since we grew up.... I wish our greatest fears still centered around quicksand, dinosaurs & Mrs. Butterworth....

We want to hear from you: what was the most irrational fear you had growing up? Comment below so I don't feel like I'm alone!

Til next time, keep laughing~





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