Summer Project Series - Guest Room Refresh

Can you believe how quickly this year is passing?!?! May is here, school is winding down and summer will be here before we know it! It seems like just yesterday we were writing our posts welcoming Spring and now it's time to start thinking about the next season! 

What do you enjoy most about Summer? What traditions do you have every year? Do you fill your Summer with pool days and baseball games? Or do you stock the fridge with lemonade and retreat inside with the AC and a good book?

Summer is always a slower season for us. We love to take a family vacation or two, spend time enjoying the sunshine, and cross a few projects off the never ending To-Do List. (Maybe this year we will finally get around to painting the kitchen cabinets...)

For the month of May we want to share some tips & inspirations for those projects that are filling your To-Do List.


With Mother's Day and Graduations upon us, it's the season for house guests! So today we're going to share some of our tips for turning the spare bedroom into a cozy retreat:

  • Use Layered Bedding
Think Goldilocks here. Not too hot, not too cold, just right! Layering your guest bed with soft sheets, a light-weight coverlet, and a heavier quilt or comforter will help every guest be comfy. 
  • Freshen Up the Bath Towels

Take a quick look in your linen closet. Are the towels looking fresh and fluffy or has the time come for them to be retired to the garage? 


  • Have Essentials Handy

This one might be my favorite tip! Stock the guest room or bath with a little basket full of all the toiletries your company may have forgotten to pack. Our new line of bath products, Joan's a Keeper, is all natural and the unscented line is perfect for guests who are sensitive to fragrances.

Also, how great are these little signs to share the WiFi Password with your guests!


  • Give a Little Local Gift

This idea came from one of our sweet customers! Every time someone comes for an overnight stay she makes a little gift basket full of local treats. What a fun way to let your guests know you're glad they came!

Gift Basket


These simple tips will have your guests feeling right at home in no time! What are some things you like to do when house guests arrive? We love to hear your ideas!

Check back next week as we tackle the next item on our list, Patios!



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