Summer Weddings

For me, summer is synonymous with weddings. I'm sure many of you, like me, were married in your church on a scorchingly hot summer afternoon. My husband and I graduated from college in May and planned our wedding for that July. I didn't care that it would be blazing hot or that I would sweat like crazy in a dress that went up to my neck--we were getting married! And true to Illinois weather, it was so humid that the bird seed from the reception stuck to my face!

When we were married, most weddings took place at a church in the summer. Now, the time of year doesn't matter and the church building is optional -- I love it! It's so nice to celebrate weddings all year and see how brides decorate beautiful venues with seasonal flowers. From the soft pinks of Spring to the warm autumn colors, I love it all! Both of our sons had December weddings. Everything was gorgeous, and we certainly weren't worried about hot weather! 


Rachel loves weddings just as much as I do. She always makes sure our shelves are stocked with the perfect wedding & anniversary gifts. We love when brides come in all year to create unique gift registries. And it's so fun to help your husbands as they try to pick the perfect anniversary gift just for you. It's such a blessing to know many of you so well that we can confidently help them make gift decisions they are proud of. 

So whether you're planning a wedding or looking for the perfect gift, we hope you'll stop by our shop first. We can't wait to help you find just what you're looking for!

We love getting you know you better. Our blogs and social posts are a great way for us to keep in touch between your visits to the store. Leave us a comment below and tell us about your favorite wedding gift or post a picture from your wedding! We'll start the fun with some of our wedding memories!




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