The Joy of Shopping

Have you noticed a theme for this month's blog posts? For the month of July, we're focusing on the JOY of things. Last week--The Joy of Air Conditioning.  This week it's all about one we know you can get behind... The Joy of Shopping. (Fun fact, we just celebrated National Day of Joy on June 29. Where they come up with these holidays is beyond me, but that was a day I could endorse!) 

This week Rachel and Michelle are on the greatest shopping adventure of all! They are spending a few days in Atlanta shopping for all of the newest treasures to fill the store for you. So many of you have asked, "What's it like to go to market?" Rachel wrote a blog post about that very thing last summer. Click here to read about their trips. If you want to hear more about this trip, be sure to follow us on social media. Rachel will be sharing updates, behind the scenes, and sneak peeks in our stories.

What is it about shopping that makes us happy? Is it the escape from reality, spending time with people we love, or the excitement of discovering the latest treasures? Maybe all of the above! 

We hope The Wreath Stand is a place that brings you JOY! We want you to leave a little happier than you came in, and know you have a happy place you can visit anytime. Several of you have shared sweet words with us lately and we wanted to share some of those with you this week to lift you up, encourage you, and invite you to come into the store and spend time with your friends here.

We appreciate your friendship so much & it is truly a JOY for us when you come in for a visit! We hope you'll stop by and say "Hello!" soon.

Until Next Time,

Joy & Rachel


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