Even though I still can't play Christmas at the store, the song playing in my head right now is, "It's beginning to look at LOT like Christmas," with Michael Bublé serenading me. Are you ready to get into the holiday spirit? I cannot tell you how excited I was walking into the store after being gone for the weekend!

Although Rachel wishes I wouldn't brag on her, I feel she's outdone herself this year. As Brooke and I like to say, "everything looks glorious!" I asked Rachel if elves had arrived late at night to decorate all the trees, and her glare confirmed to me that they had not! (I think she's a tired, angry elf!!)

While I'm saying to customers, “pardon our boxes," GET READY!! The boxes will be gone by Friday and our Christmas Open House will begin. Until then, I'd like to give you some tempting previews of what you'll see!!   

Ok, that's all the sneak peak for now!! Can't wait to see you on Friday!


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  • Debbie

    We all love that “tired angry elf” 😍 and all the work she does to bring us the best
    holiday goodies ❤️ Joy you can always make me smile!

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