This Little Piggy Went to Market

After a fun, inspiring, and exhausting week, Michelle (aka Mom) and I are back from our market trip. Many of you have asked, "What is it like to go to market?" So here's my take on a week spent shopping for all the treasures that fill our store...

There are market events all across the country, but we typically visit the market in downtown Atlanta. It's the closest to Nashville and houses more beautiful things than I ever thought possible! The complex, comprised of 3 gigantic high-rise buildings is all connected over the busy downtown streets with enclosed walkways. Each building has 18-20 expansive floors that are filled to the brim with some of the most elaborate and imaginative retail displays you will ever see.

Our days at market start bright and early. We set meetings with sales reps every day from 8am until 5pm and spend the day hustling from one meeting to the next to be sure don't miss anything. After a full day we grab dinner at our favorite "fancy" Chick-fil-A, and head back to an Airbnb to review the day's purchases.

It's hard to believe, but when we visit market in January we are already buying for Christmas! We arrive with spreadsheets in hand and a general plan for what our next Christmas season will hold. It is so inspiring to visit showroom after showroom designed by some of the industry's most talented professionals. We glean ideas and make plans for how to incorporate the latest trends into our product line. (Animal print Christmas, anyone???)

It can be an overwhelming feat to plan and buy all the beautiful things you see in the store. One fantastic advantage we have over the big retailers who we often see shopping beside us, is that we KNOW you. You show us photos of your homes and often even invite us over. What a blessing it is to pick out a pillow for the store, and know that it would look great in Dianne's living room! 

I will never forget the very first market that Jay and I attended. It was the most beautifully overwhelming experience! I was in awe of all the potential, but so overwhelmed that I didn't buy a single thing. When we were riding on one of the many elevators we overheard a group of ladies talking. They were complaining about how hard their week had been and how they were ready to be home.  At the time I was floored. "How could anybody complain with a job as fun as this one?!?!" Now that I have been doing this for a few years, I understand the stress and exhaustion that those ladies were experiencing after a week of planning for what was likely a very large store. It really is quite the task to select and purchase the items that will hopefully bring you joy. However, it is never lost on me how blessed I am to be able to spend my days doing work that I LOVE! Thank you for supporting our little shop and allowing me live a dream every day.

Joy graciously passed the blog writing torch to me this week, but first she came up with a clever title. So with that we will thank this "little piggy" for staying home last week and taking great care of the shop! She really is the best!


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  • Kaye Rackard

    I shopped at the Wreath Stand for the first time after Christmas. The finds there I will treasure forever! I’ll be back soon! Thanks to all! Happy New Year!

  • Kaye Rackard

    I shopped at the Wreath Stand for the first time after Christmas. The finds there I will treasure forever! I’ll be back soon! Thanks to all! Happy New Year!

  • Tammy

    I have been to the Atlanta market several times . Walked my legs off. All the millions of items to see. I hope you checked on the pumps for our honey jars!!!😊 I hope you all had a wonderful time!!

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