Tips For A Peaceful Thanksgiving

Tick Toc. Do you hear that? It's the clock ticking down to Thanksgiving! We've been so busy here at The Wreath Stand with our Christmas open house and Christmas Village that we forgot that next week is Thanksgiving!!

Just like last week, I've got some tips that will help make Thanksgiving Day more peaceful. Did you read last week's blog about making your home "holiday ready?" Click here in case you missed it.

    • Stay Organized: Planning ahead and organizing is going to help make your holiday week so much less stressful.
      Find all your recipes so you'll be ready when it's time to cook! What recipes do you have written down and which are on Pinterest? Get them all printed out and together for easy access.
        Go through each recipe and write out your grocery list. Think of items that you need to have more of and add them to your list.
            • Inventory: Where are all the platters? Have them washed and labeled for each recipe, making sure you have a platter for each recipe.

              Of course, if you need more, we can definitely help with our Mud Pie, Happy Everything, and Beatriz Ball melamine platters! A great tip is to put post-it note on each platter so your helpers will know which to use.

                • Do you have enough plates? Often more people come than we have plates for. Make sure you have enough plates!
                • Likewise, check your utensils and serving spoons.
                • Do a thorough pantry and spice rack inventory. There's nothing more frustrating than starting a recipe and realizing your spices are expired, you don't have some, or you're missing key ingredients! Always get extra butter--we always tend to run out of it!
                • Menu Planning:
                  • Whether it's on a cute chalkboard or just on a piece of paper, write out your menu. Things that get written down tend not to be forgotten!
                  • Schedule when each recipe will go into the oven and how long it will take to cook. I know this seems tedious, but if you have a smaller oven and a large turkey, scheduling will really help relieve some stress. Having a written schedule will also enable you to enlist helpers to take care of this! (I'm all about delegating to helpers!)
                  • Cook what you can ahead of time. I spend Wednesday night watching Survivor and preparing different casseroles; my strawberry pretzel salad and other congealed salads are best made ahead of time! If there's room in your refrigerator, make what you can ahead. It will make Thursday morning a peaceful place!
                  • Don't forget about your crock pot! This is such a great and forgotten tip! There are some recipes that will work great in the crock pots--put it in and don't worry about it!

                For tips to make a beautiful buffet, check out the link below to last year's blog. 


                We hope we can help alleviate some stress for next week!

                Until next time, happy organizing!



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