Updating your Look

Michelle and I had a great week shopping at market last week. One of my favorite parts of visiting the Atlanta market is seeing new trends in home decor. As we shopped last week there were several trends the seemed to pop up everywhere. Some were new, some have been around a while and continue to be very popular. A few trends we saw again and again were taper candles, gold accents, blue & white, brighter colors, and a surprise... lavender colors for Christmas!

Most of us want our decor to be up to date. We want to bring in the cutest new accessories and create homes that bring us joy. But, following every trend and completely changing out our decor with each changing year is not a very practical option. So instead of falling into the "all or nothing" mindset when it comes to updating our decor, today I want to share a few ideas for updating your home without a complete renovation from HGTV.


1. Swap out your lamps. 

Lamps are one of the most impactful changes you can make when updating your look. Take a look around your room. Are you still using those same brass lamps from the 90s or maybe (like I noticed in my bedroom) an iron look from the early 2000s? I suggest replacing them with something a little more up to date.


2. Try a collection of tapers.

We've been seeing this trend for a few seasons and it is stronger than ever. For a quick, relatively inexpensive update, bring in a collection of taper candles. Add them to your dining table for a bit of romantic whimsy. Cluster a grouping of 3 on your coffee table tray or a mantle. One thing to remember with tapers is the more the merrier! Don't leave a lonely little taper candle all by itself.


3. Change out your picture frames.

Like lamps, picture frames are one of the quickest ways to date your decor. Keep the photos, but swap out the older, dated frames for something more modern. One rule of thumb I like to use when deciding what to keep and what to donate, "If I saw this item in a store today, would I buy it?" If the answer is, "No" then it's time to let that one go.


I hope these tips spark your creativity! A new year is the perfect time to refresh your home. We're here at the store to help. I just love using what you already have and mixing in a little new to give your homes a new look. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!



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