What Have I Learned?

Have you ever experienced a season in life that is one challenge followed by the next? With every new trial you think, "I can't possibly survive anything else..." (Maybe you feel like this right now in the midst of all we're going through.) When these seasons finally end & I reflect, I often find myself asking "How did I get through that?!?"

One blessing that has come from this time of not being able to gather with my church family is the ability to listen in online to services from across the country. I've been able to virtually visit congregations that we haven't been able be with since moving to Nashville when our children were young. As I was watching a sermon a few weeks ago, the pastor shared a beautiful lesson from Philippians. He challenged us to reflect as Paul had done after facing countless struggles. We were asked to fill in the blank "What has happened to me has actually _____________"



As I think about these past few months and the myriad of things everyone has gone through, I ask myself "What have I learned? How have I grown?" It's a good thought to consider, and you might be surprised at the little answers/blessings you discover.

We'd love to hear from you! How have you been getting through these past few months?


Until next time,



P.S. And because laughter is the best medicine....

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