Wishing For What's Next

I remember growing up and wishing for the next best thing to come around. You know what I mean--will summer break hurry up and get here; please make college be almost over; hasten the days til our wedding day, and so it goes. I could even compare this to complaining about the hot weather and wishing for fall to arrive, then hating winter and wishing spring would get here. I used to spend a lot of time wishing I could move on to the next phase of life thus not enjoying the one I was in.

Although I still look forward to events, I'm not in such a hurry to rush the days in between. A lot of learning happens during the waiting. I'm not always patient in the waiting time, but I don't want to wish those days away anymore.

Is there an appropriate age to stop counting down til your birthday? (I hope not!) I definitely think we're never too old to count down to Christmas.

I want to cherish every season that comes along, but let me tell you, working here makes it difficult! While I'm enjoying all things summer, fall and Christmas boxes arrive daily. I'm smelling wonderful fall candles and thinking about how much I love fall. I constantly tell Rachel that she makes it difficult for me to be content!

So while I want to encourage all of us to enjoy the season we're in, I've GOT to show you some of the great Christmas stuff that's coming in! Ready?!

Here we go!

Here's the good news!! We're not just teasing you with these pics! This Saturday is our annual Christmas in July party, and you're gonna love it! We'll be sharing a sneak peek with you & giving you a chance to buy some of the new Christmas arrivals a little early. Keep following our social media for all the details! It's going to be so much fun!! I'll be in Florida for my mom's 80th birthday, so eat a cookie for me!

Until next time, enjoy the sneak peak!



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