Worth the Wait

Have you ever waited in a line overnight to get the "latest and greatest?" Maybe it was concert tickets, the newest iPhone, or the BIG sale on Black Friday. Since I'm not a very patient person, (shocking!) I can't think of many things I've waited in line for. I think I waited for an hour to see the first Hunger Games movie. That's about it for me!

Fortunately for us at the store, our customers are much more patient! The way you support our small business is humbling. When we have special events, customers line up waiting for us to open. At Christmas Village, you line up outside our booth just to get in. It blows our mind, and we are overwhelmed with thankfulness. 

We are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces, decked out in your holiday gear, join us as we fully kick off the holiday season this Friday morning. Rachel will finally let me play Christmas music; we'll have all the season's greatest new items filling our shelves; and as your reward for waiting in line, the first 50 customers will receive a gift! We'll even have a prize for the person most festively dressed. 

So mark your calendar for this Friday at 10am as we kick off our Holiday Open House. I'll even wear my "Me to the World" shirt!



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