Floral Block Print Notebook

Floral Block Print Notebook

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Introducing our charming Floral Block Print Notebook, your ultimate companion for capturing thoughts, dreams, and inspirations in style. Each notebook features a delightful assortment of captivating floral patterns, making every writing session a joyous experience.

Crafted from handmade recycled cotton paper, these notebooks are not only beautifully designed but also environmentally friendly, making them a conscious choice for those who value sustainability. Each book contains 50 unlined pages, providing plenty of space for your creativity to flow freely.

Available in two sizes, you can choose the perfect option to suit your needs:

- Small: With dimensions of 4 inches wide by 6 inches high, this compact notebook is perfect for on-the-go journaling, sketching, or note-taking.
- Large: Measuring 6 inches wide by 8.25 inches high, this larger notebook offers ample space for more detailed writing, doodling, or planning.

Sold individually, these Floral Block Print Notebooks are as unique as you are, each one offering its own distinct pattern and charm. Whether used as a personal journal, sketchbook, or creative outlet, they are sure to inspire and delight.

Embrace your creativity and express yourself with our Floral Block Print Notebook. With its beautiful designs and eco-friendly construction, it's the perfect accessory for anyone who loves to put pen to paper and let their imagination soar.

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