Men's Organic Bar Soap

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Pine Tar - Woodsy Scent
Bay Rum - Delightful mix of clove, cinnamon, pine, and citrus
Cedar Citrus - Blend of rustic cedar and zesty orange oils
Alpine Sage - Refreshing mix of cypress, lavender, and sage
Cool Fresh Aloe - Aloe-built bar that cleans deep without drying you out
Cold Brew Cleanse - Blend of shea butter, salt, kaoolin clay & top-notch coffee beans
Gold Moss Scrub - Oak moss, shea butter a sea salt balance out the rustic musk 
Grapefruit IPA- IPA and distilled hops with a crisp grapefruit finish
Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt - Eucalyptus oil, greek yogurt extract & exfoliating oatmeal 
Deep Sea Goats Milk - Goats milk and oatmeal
Spearmint Basil Scrub - Spearmint, basil, & peppermint
Birchwood Breeze - Fresh and woody with a crisp finish
Summer Citrus - Freshly-squeezed suds with an orange and lemon scent
Rainforest Rapids - Crisp Jungle Rainfall

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