Itching for Change - Part 3

Over the past week we've been sharing ideas to update your home for summer. If succulents are your favorite, today's post is for you! 


Succulents have been so popular over the last few years. Everyone seems to love their low maintenance beauty. If you're like me though, even this low maintenance plant is too much for my black thumb to keep alive for very long. Thank goodness for beautiful artificials! All of the plants in our photos are artificial. If you love the real thing & have a knack for plants, just swap the artificials for the real thing. Or better yet, our stems are so realistic that you can mix a few of the real ones in!  


Summer Succulents

  • Use a wide variety of planters. One of the best things about  natural succulents is they do not require much soil. Use this to your advantage in your decorating to get outside of the (planter) box and incorporate a wide variety of unique vessels. Shallow dishes, cloches, and even narrow vases are some of our favorite homes for succulents.

  • Embrace the modern vibe that goes hand-in-hand with these trendy plants. pair succulents with accents that have clean lines, clear glass, & a modern color scheme. The deep greens will really pop against the color & texture found in materials like concrete, brassy gold, and black metal. Now is a great time to bring in some fun accessories that may fall a little outside your normal decor.

  • What about the textiles? You want the bold greens to be the star of the show with your summer succulents. With this in mind, opt for neutral pillows & throws that have great texture. Macrame, tassels, and loosely knitted pillows & throws are always a great choice.

  • Go all-in with a fantastic centerpiece. It's time to swap out those spring florals. Why not try something completely different in your centerpiece box?!?!  Bring your box by & we'll be happy to help you create a stunning succulent centerpiece that everyone will love.

With Memorial Day coming up this weekend, it's time to pull out all the fresh decor. What motif do you think you'll choose this year?  If you missed out, here are the links to the other posts in this series:

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