Gold Ring Ice Bucket Set

Gold Ring Ice Bucket Set

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Introducing our Gold Ring Ice Bucket Set, a stunning addition to your entertaining essentials. This 2-piece set combines sophistication with functionality, featuring a glass ice bucket adorned with gold accent rings and complemented by brass stainless steel tongs.

The glass ice bucket, measuring a chic 7" x 6.5" in diameter, exudes elegance with its golden rings, adding a touch of glamour to your beverage service. The stylish design makes it a versatile piece that seamlessly fits into any setting, from formal gatherings to casual occasions.

Included in the set are brass stainless steel tongs, measuring 6.5", providing a convenient and stylish way to handle ice cubes. The combination of glass, gold accents, and brass stainless steel creates a harmonious aesthetic that elevates your hosting experience.

Upgrade your entertaining repertoire with the Gold Ring Ice Bucket Set – where style meets functionality in perfect harmony. This set is not just an accessory; it's a statement piece that enhances the overall ambiance of your social gatherings. Elevate your hosting game with this sophisticated and practical addition to your collection.

Dimensions: bucket 7" x 6.5" diameter

                      tongs 6.5"

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