Austin Rose Stem, Dark Purple

Austin Rose Stem, Dark Purple

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Introducing our exquisite Dark Purple Real Touch Austin Rose, a stunning floral accent to elevate any space with its timeless beauty. Crafted to perfection, this artificial rose features a lifelike appearance and a rich, deep purple hue that adds a touch of elegance to any arrangement.

Measuring 24 inches in length, with a flower head diameter of 3.75 inches, this gorgeous rose commands attention with its striking presence. Each petal is delicately crafted to mimic the texture and appearance of a real rose, while the deep purple color exudes sophistication and charm.

Whether used as a standalone centerpiece or incorporated into larger floral arrangements, this Dark Purple Real Touch Austin Rose adds a touch of luxury to any setting. Perfect for weddings, events, home decor, or as a thoughtful gift for someone special, this artificial rose captures the beauty of nature without the need for maintenance.

With its realistic appearance and enduring elegance, our Dark Purple Real Touch Austin Rose is sure to make a lasting impression wherever it is displayed.

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