Cube Drinking Glass

Cube Drinking Glass

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Introducing our exquisite drinking glasses, meticulously crafted with a captivating cube design. Crafted from premium-quality plastic, these glasses seamlessly blend elegance with durability, ensuring they withstand the test of time and enhance any occasion with their sophisticated presence.

Available in two versatile sizes, our tall glass and water glass cater to your various beverage needs, whether it's a refreshing drink of water or a tall, refreshing iced tea. Each glass is thoughtfully designed to elevate your drinking experience, providing a perfect balance of style and functionality.

Ideal for both casual gatherings and formal events, these glasses are the epitome of versatility, effortlessly complementing any table setting or décor scheme. Elevate your next gathering with these stunning drinking glasses, where style meets durability for an unforgettable drinking experience.

Dimensions:  Tall 6"H x 3" Diameter   Water 4.5"H x 3.25"Diameter

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