Puppy Musical Cuddle Pal

Puppy Musical Cuddle Pal

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Introducing the Puppy Musical Cuddle Pal, the perfect snuggle buddy for your little one! This embroidered faux fur animal boasts a delightful chenille lovey skirt, adding an extra touch of charm and softness. Measuring 19.5 inches in height and 8 inches in width, this cuddly bear is just the right size for cozy hugs and bedtime cuddles.

But that's not all – with its built-in musical lullaby sound chip, the Puppy Musical Cuddle Pal creates a soothing atmosphere to help your baby drift off to dreamland. Simply press the button to play gentle melodies that will calm and comfort your little bundle of joy.

Whether it's nap time or bedtime, this lovable bear is sure to become your child's favorite companion. Get ready for endless snuggles and sweet dreams with the Puppy Musical Cuddle Pal!

Dimensions: 19.5" x 8"

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