Extra Time at Home

Whenever I'm going through a rough patch, my silly mind (Rachel says "crazy") takes me to a funny incident in my life that gives me a hearty laugh. Being a mom of 3, I have a plethora of funny memories. So when I'm down, it's like a switch goes off, and I can immediately think of something funny.


Likewise, the Lord has blessed me with a great memory. I can recall Bible verses when I need them. One go-to verse that has come to my mind lately has been "Cast your cares upon the Lord; He will sustain you. He will never let the righteous fall."


Other times, however, I need someone to remind to be courageous and strong. One of my favorite ways to be reminded is by listening to good music. Lauren Daigle's song, "Remember" always gives me that adjustment I need.


I hated snow days when my kids were in school. "These kids need their education!!" would be my mantra! In actuality, I was going stir crazy being cooped up at home.


Right now you might be feeling you're on an extended snow day with no sunshine in sight.  To help get your mind on more productive things than watching 20 episodes of Survivor, (who, me??) we're sharing some of our favorite blog posts with tips and tricks to help out during your season at home.




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